“Epic SciFi on Extraordinary Worlds”


Welcome to the novels and thoughts of John Frank Marshall – author of over 10 SciFi and Urban Fantasy epics. My writing blends magic and science, with an environmental backdrop that holds a mirror to our own world.

Like many budding writers I have to work full-time, so I do most all of my creative work whilst commuting and that suits me well. I have yet to write a train-themed novel, but I can see that happening…

I am proud to be a client of the John Jarrold Literary Agency. Thank you for your wise words, John. Thanks also to the talented photographer and digital artist Thomas Budach for the illustrations on this site and to Nicola Wells for the image on the home page.

My news:

NOW WORKING ON Jon Darke. The novel is set in a future world fighting over shrinking resources, where biotech has taken the lead. Jon is born in Isoland, a vast, circular expanse of darkness, desert, storms and suffering, centred on viral research for the weapons and biotech industries. Separated from the rest of the world (the ‘Outside’) by an insurmountable wall, test subjects are convicts from the outside world, or captured from the simple tribes of outcasts scattered amongst the enclosed mountains. Unlike the Outside, the tribes have learned how to live harmoniously with their harsh world. Jon is one of the taken, but his gifts will transform the world but also endanger his life.

NEW TRILOGYOrobouros, final in the Eco trilogy.  Thirteen years in the future, the second Scitha invasion is imminent and this time, there seems to be no hope of survival for the nature-loving society of the Rift. Leah Esvane, now aged 21, is more gifted than Caia. Feisty and passionate, she is also very like her mother, with whom she agrees on nothing. Leah can also mind-join across time, and perhaps find a way to prevent the emergence of City 5, even if this means she can no longer exist.

NEW – Tree. The year is not far in the future.  Society has been decimated during the Fall, when strange lights in the sky led to widespread madness across the Northern Hemisphere and the building of the Great Wall. Soon after grew the Cazash Tree. Starting as a forgotten seed in the London Natural History Museum before overwhelming the ruined city, the Tree reached upwards hundreds of feet to create a twilight world. The Tree is endlessly inventive and it learns fast. It has started to create other entities from the living wood, including the disciples – thirty-foot high creatures that roam the surrounding forests – and a cunning and cruel homunculus named Darkness. The sporing is now approaching, and time is running out for life on Earth. Science has failed to stop the Tree, but there are more ancient and earthly powers that are awakening. Nature goddess Annan has been forgotten since Celtic times, but the Cazash Tree is not of her making and she is angry. When she awakens druidic priest and sorcerer Myrddin Wyllt and tells him what he must do, a sequence of events commences that changes everything.

NEW TRILOGY Second Dawn, second of the Eco trilogy. As a conflicted civilisation struggles to recover from the war, new threats emerge. A second city (Rax) has followed City 5 to the surface, but life in Rax has adapted to the ocean, and it sees the land as a threat. This novel will be completed end 2018, all being well. Click here to download the synopsis.

NEW TRILOGY – Emergence – an undersea city of post-apocalyptic survivors from an alien invasion re-emerges in a stone-age world called Eco, where science must come to terms with the power of an ancient magic. Click here for a downloadable synopsis.

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