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About John Marshall

Author of over 12 new sci-fi novels and Urban Fantasy exploring different worlds, races, cultures and relationships. Opposites attract and despite all the odds and occasional horror, love finds a way to defeat evil. 

My recent work includes the ECO sci-fi trilogy (Emergence, Second Dawn and Ouroboros), centred on the conflict arising from the meeting of pre and post apocalyptic societies following the emergence of an undersea city.

In contrast, the Drakul Series comprises an original, five novel vampire epic. it concerns the evolution of the great dynasties in their travels across the galaxy, and the struggle of the Drakuls as they try to survive in an ever-changing world. Dream Walker is a sci-fi thriller set against the US uranium industry and Native American spirits. Sky Pirates concerns a world between life and death, where pirates trade in human souls. In Shadow King, ancient voodoo spirits manifest as the world desperately seeks a vaccine – written some 10 years ago. My writing also centres on the strange attraction between opposites and how love will ultimately conquer hate.

These and other sci-fi novels are detailed at the bottom of the page and via the menu. You can also read my posts for latest thoughts.

I have been with the John Jarrold Literary Agency since I began writing. Influential writers include Sabrina Vourvoulias, Frank Herbert, Emily St John Mandel and Vernor Vinge. Favourite film directors include David Lynch, Steven Spielberg, Steven Soderberg and James Cameron.

Novel started – Jon Darke

Jon Darke is a dystopian fantasy set in a world fighting over shrinking resources where biotech has taken the lead. Jon was born in Isoland, a vast circular expanse of darkness, desert, storms and suffering, centred on viral research for the biotech industry. Test subjects are death-row convicts from the outside world or captured from the tribes of outcasts scattered amongst the enclosed mountains. Unlike the Outside, they have learned how to live harmoniously with their harsh world. Jon is one of the taken, but his magical gifts soon amass a following that spreads around the world. Assisted by a select band of fellow inmates, Jon escapes. Empowered to save the planet, powerful forces want to silence the new messiah forever.

New sci-fi thriller completed

The Demon Tree concerns a post-apocalyptic world under threat from the Cazash Tree, which has taken over London and is about to spore. Only resurrected mage Myrddin Wyllt will be able to defeat it, assisted by seven unlikely heroes, both human and unworldly. The Cazash Tree is cunning and cruel, enslaving its followers through addiction and mind-control. Betrayed by Hama, his one true love, Myrddin has been dead for 1500 years and enters this new world as an innocent. Tormented by returning memories, Myrddin must track down his followers to face the Tree.  Will ancient magic find a way?

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