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John Frank Marshall is a prolific new writer with the John Jarrold Literary Agency. He lives in a Hampshire village and is married to Sarah, with three children and two horses. Read about his latest Sci Fi novels below…

Dragon Witch Trilogy

In the new Dragon Witch Sci Fi trilogy (EmergenceSecond Dawn and Ouroboros), an undersea survival city emerges into a new Eden, 17,000 years after a failed interplanetary invasion.

City 5 is a totalitarian nightmare, hungry for natural resources. Only novice dragon witch Caia Esvane can save her forest and people from the rapacious city. Falling in love with cityman and outcast Lucas Venn leaves an impossible choice.

However, the planet Eco holds many secrets, and City 5 isn’t the only survival city to emerge. In the last of the three Sci Fi novels, a second invasion arrives from across the galaxy. Caia’s feisty daughter Leah Esvane must travel back in time to change history, but at a terrible risk.

New Messiah

New Messiah is a dystopian urban fantasy in a world fighting over shrinking natural resources. Messiah Axel Cain is born in Isoland – a vast, circular expanse of darkness, desert, storms and suffering. Isoland was created for research by biotech industries, separated from the rest of the world by an insurmountable wall. Axel escapes with the help of Heidi Vorn, daughter of all-powerful Maxim Vorn.

His magical gifts soon amass a following that spreads around the world. Sinister forces led by Maxim want to silence the new messiah. Heidi is determined to save him, whatever the cost.

The novel ends in the burning Amazon as Axel fights to avoid global catastrophe.

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