Vampire wakes far in the future – Trueblood

The beginning

Not far in the future, a salvage operation is underway to dismantle a buried pyramidal star ship (Yar) of the ancient vampyra.  In addition to an ocean of precious vampire blood, a decapitated body is discovered and the remains are High Caste.

On the journey to London, Tepesch Drakul comes to life and finds a fresh meal waiting in the hold of the transporter. He uses the identity of his victim to walk free, but finds himself in a changed world where Drakul and his family are revered, but also dead. He believes he is the last free vampire on Earth.

A world changed

Drakul’s ancient adversaries are gone and his bank accounts frozen. His castle has become a tourist attraction and a Premier League footballer occupies the penthouse.  Vampire blood has been analysed and the secrets of vampire blood and its dark energy have been stolen and commercialised, used to bio-engineer ‘the Gifted’ by the fully privatised Carbon Institute.

England has become oligarchic, run by the members of the Flood family who also control the Institute. Isambard Flood and his daughter Marie head up the dynasty, modelling themselves on the Drakuls and espousing their aims, whilst enjoying the power bought through their control of the blood markets. Brother David is a sadistic killer but sister Hayley was murdered by the power-hungry Marie. Society has become two-tier, divided between Ungifted and Gifted whilst an underground movement known as the Edenists are trying to bring down the government and destroy the Institute, as they pursue their belief that a giant silver disk will take them to the promised land.

Humble pie for a vampire

Tepesch Drakul has to build a new life and come to terms with his new status.  Living in an infested London ghetto with a stolen identity, he finds work as a private detective and other than the occasional seduction and murder, manages to control himself.  Drakul’s partner John Carling is human and a cynical maverick, ex-military and wheelchair-bound following his last encounter with Tepesch Drakul in the first book of the series. He has a gift for saying the wrong thing and Drakul still holds him responsible for the capture and death of his daughter, Rowena.

Tepesch Drakul gets a job

The chair has its own personality, built by Carling using Gift technology. Carling earns the begrudging respect of Drakul but resisting his natural urges proves an endless challenge.  Bounty hunters searching for ‘truebloods’ are also on Drakul’s trail. They are led by Bolt, one-time vampire and victim of demon slayer Finn Angmon, restored to life by Isambard Flood.

The planet Jivaloka

The power of vampire blood has been underestimated. The Gifts have learned how to communicate with each other and the collective mind is not happy.  It makes contact with an Elemental known as Ajarah, imprisoned deep below the ice in the frozen planet of Jivaloka.  The inhabitants of Jivaloka are mystical and close to Nature, divided into two societies by the ice.  The only land is formed by the peaks of three giant pyramids that reach from the ocean floor into the sky.

Unknown to the inhabitants of ice and water, Ajarah is imprisoned deep below the ocean floor between them, where a vast silver disk lies embedded in a drowned city.  Ajarah is the greatest enemy of the vampyra and their goddess and creator Jalina. Able to create illusionary worlds, he learns about Earth and plans his escape, but things do not go according to plan.

The old team reunites

Drakul has a difficult time persuading Carling to help and life is already complicated enough working on divorce cases and avoiding bounty hunters, but he has no other option.  In the interests of self-preservation, Drakul needs to dig up some other old friends but Finn is now entrapped in Vorkha form (werewolf) and unable to return to his human state whilst living with the human Fei Chok, and the remains of Tepesch’s homicidal daughter Angelica are in cold storage in the heart of the Carbon Institute.

Vampire priest Rul, ex-servant and teacher of Drakul is still alive and masquerading as Caval, leader of the Edenists whilst pursuing his own agenda. Carling and Tepesch devise tortuous schemes to bring the team together, whilst struggling to get along.  Eventually the task is accomplished and the strange crew set off for Vasudha for reinforcements, including the elemental Jalina who must take human form.


Ajarah is slowly dying and as his power over Jivaloka weakens, the ice begins to melt.  Ancient prophesies come true as a drowned city emerges from the ocean. However, instead of arriving in Jivaloka, Finn and his followers find themselves trapped in the final dream of Ajarah. The place is Los Angeles, the year is 1953 and the city has been split in half by a giant silver disk. Edenists, vampire and slayer must play by Ajarah’s rules in a world gone insane whilst Jivaloka is being torn apart.

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