Urban Fantasy Horror – Arisen

Marine research vessel The Kittiwake is conducting a magnetic survey of the sea floor off the Gulf of Khambhat, North West India. A team of young researchers are mapping an ancient city that should not exist. They find evidence of civilisation far older than thought possible, and buried deep below the drowned city is a an ancient sarcophagus. They later discover that it contains the remains of legendary vampire Vadhul Drakul. And he isn’t dead.

An unnatural storm brings Vadhul back to life, and he immediately recruits one of the women on board. By the time the ship has reached shore, there are few survivors and Vadhul and his recruit escape. However, the sarcopharus is saved, and falls into the hands of the sinister Carbon Organisation. News of Vadhul reaches slayer Finn Angmon and his partner Fei Chok. It doesn’t take long before human and vampire are once more at war, and this time, the threat is greater as Angelica Drakul and psychopathic son Angelov join forces. Vadhul wants to return to his home world Vasudha and reclaim the throne, and he won’t let anyone stop him.

This classic urban fantasy horror plays out in a luxury cruise ship as Vadhul takes control. As the bodies pile up, he turns the ship into a weapon so he can recover the sarcophagus and return home, using sea demons to fulfil his quest. His attempt fails and the box goes back to London with Finn, but Vadhul follows. Only demon slayer Finn can prevent the city being invaded as the true power of the box is revealed and Angelov Drakul escapes to Vasudha. Not long after, the invasion commences.

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