Kile Roker – the loneliest alien in the galaxy

Who is Kile Roker?

Kile Roker is a biomechanical. He was once the navigator of the Naukaa star ship, and among the last of his race. Even as the Earth cooled, Sirens found their way into the Naukaa.  Kile and his kind survived but the Sirens enslaved and cruelly tortured them. Eventually, Kile could take no more and sought to destroy the Naukaa.  The damaged ship crashed into the Earth, entombed in a volcanic island. Kile remained sealed in volcanic rock for many millions of years until discovered by Professor Emily Challoner’s expedition in the year 1905. The story is a tribute to the wonderful Professor Challenger novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The discovery of Kile Roker

Keri, Emily’s brightest student, has fallen in love with Kile Roker and wants to protect him, whereas professor Emily Challoner forces herself to view him as the discovery of the age, able to transform society with the technology and secrets that he possesses.  Emily is elderly but ruthless, willing to sacrifice life to satisfy her hunger for knowledge.

What happens next?

A surprise awaits Kile Roker and Emily when they leave the island, as the dying Naukaa has one last surprise. It puts forth is will and the ancient steamer transporting the survivors is changed. Underneath the peeling paint and rust is a very different vessel, capable of travelling in time and space, crewed by outlandish beasts. A one-eyed crazy centaur called Gyro is the captain. Elspeth – a scabby witch – is first mate.  Gyro is also a pirate and none too pleased with the newcomers who appeared on his vessel.  He imprisons the new members of the expedition in the hold as Kile and Emily figure out what to do next. 

Adventure awaits…

They are arguing fiercely when a wormhole captures the ship. They travel across space-time with the dying breath of the Naukaa.  Gyro can’t control the ship, but Kile Roker knows where they are headed. They are once more in pursuit of the Siren.

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