Do urban fantasy writers really make a difference?

A question for you

Is it just me or is this world getting increasingly crazy? Does the work of urban fantasy writers actually matter in the end, or is it just plain old escapism? I feel like we are heading towards a moment where the human race can choose between the traditional and unsustainable Trumpish values of greed, dishonesty, over-consumption, mink coats, palm oil, global warming, dictatorships and GNP (sorry to be a bit political here)…

…Or a new world order that people dreamed about in 1972.

That was when world leaders attended the Stockholm Conference. They agreed a new manifesto tackling – guess what – climate change, biodiversity, genetic engineering, social inequality and all the rest. 1972 FFS! I remember lecturing on the subject in my university days. That was almost 50 years ago now (giving away my age…). And now I have joined the ranks of urban fantasy writers instead.

Are we past the tipping point where ‘small is beautiful’ can achieve anything? Can writers and artists influence the deeper levels of how people see the world and open their eyes? Or are we just preaching to the converted?

Do all those urban fantasy books matter?

I think so, otherwise I would not keep writing them. I feel that writing and other forms of art can influence us at a deeper level than conscious thought. And being so bombarded by media of all kinds (especially now), maybe our weary minds need to be given a chance to work things out for themselves. So pick up an urban fantasy novel, and give yourself a break.

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