Thomas Budach – talented sci-fi artist

When I was looking for illustrations for my novels and starting to put this web site together, I came across the work of Thomas Budach (see  and was pretty excited by the touch points to my writing. Similar obsessions about dragons, UFO’s, haunted ships sailing the stars, vampires, dragons, witches – weird, I thought. So I got in contact with this modest and amazing creator and many of the images on this site are the result. Thanks, Thomas.

I would like to say some more about him, but this is all Thomas says about himself on Pixabay

I create digital illustrations with photographs, vector graphics and 3D models. If you prefer or need an individual illustration for your project, please contact me. You can also contact me on Facebook. Have a nice day, thank you 🙂 Thomas Budach

So there you are. A much better tribute exists on the Parts Per Million web site, by – who is a lot better at posts etc than I am.

[breaking news] just discovered Thomas has an Instagram account, with quite a few more of his creations. And also examples of several book illustrations. According to Yoast, I should write at least 300 words on this subject but I have nothing else to say for now…

There are other illustrators and photographers exhibiting their work on Pixabay who have helped me and I have put acknowledgements against images where possible. The amount of creativity and skill is astonishing and also humbling.

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