Is life stranger than fiction

Exciting day tomorrow, as I have a colonoscopy and the same from the other end. I was given a mystery powder to empty myself out in advance, but nothing like the intestinal eruptions suggested by bowel bloggers out there, very disappointing.  A colleague at work who had this done recently (yes I do work as well as write) emailed me this encouraging message –

‘When is went in I sat on the bed looking for the little narrow tube I was supposed to swallow.  All I could spot was something like a black garden hose.  I was pretty shocked when I saw it actually.  It was no drama though so was nothing to worry about.  The stuff they spray down your throat is what I imagine a liquefied rotten dog tastes like though’

thanks for that, Chris.  If you’re wondering what this has to do with SciFi or Horror, try it yourself.

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