Sky Pirates – sailing the Seas of Time to trade in souls


Sky Pirates is an urban fantasy about ancient sins and new beginnings, set in the subconscious mind of coma victim Maggie Drupal.  26-year old teacher Maggie has a serious climbing accident whilst on vacation in New Zealand but instead of dying is taken to a magical ocean of stars and inhabited islands known as the Seas of Time where pirate ships trade in human souls. Maggie is lying in a coma in Christchurch hospital as New York cop Jack Smith searches the Seas of Time for her on board Captain James Splinter’s ship Starfarer. Maggie’s abductor plans to open a tunnel between the Seas of Time and Earth for returning to his own time, but to do so Maggie must die.

The novel takes Jack and Maggie to a world of 18th Century frigates as the sky pirates war for supremacy over a trade in human souls, whilst competing for a way to return home. There they must survive ice, storms, sorcery, fire, slavery and Space Travel as they seek each other. On Earth, there is also a race to discover where Jack and Maggie have gone, and how to bring them back. Oblique references exist to Peter Pan as story lines set in modern day Earth and the Eighteenth Century Caribbean are woven together.

The Seas of Time

The Seas of Time are one of a number of magical places that exist between life and death, strung like beads on a string. The string joining the worlds is known as the Well of Worlds. The Well is a giant vortex that can suck down ships, people and even aircraft and take them to the Seas of Time. None who arrive are safe from the sky pirates who sail the Seas of Time, stealing and trading souls so they can live forever. Power is maintained through the use of sorcerers and black magic.

Sailing the Seas of Time in 18th Century ships takes great skill. It is even possible to use sorcery to go beneath the surface, where water gives way to endless space and stars. Battles are raged amongst asteroids and the remains of old spacecraft, using the opposing forces of cannon fire to control the ships and travel at great speed. Only the most skilled captains can do this and it is easy to become lost and never return to the surface. A map of the principal islands (below) shows the territories and power structures of the Seas of Time.

Click here to read the first chapter of Sky Pirates.

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