Second Dawn – novel 2 in ‘Where Giants Sleep’

Influenced by the work of authors such as Paolo Bacigalupi and Anne Mccaffrey, Second Dawn is the sequel to Emergence. The three epic sci-fi fantasies in ‘Where Giants Sleep‘ concern love and war following the emergence of a dystopian undersea city into an Eden where magic is real.

City 5 was the first survival colony to emerge on land following an interplanetary war fought 17,000 years earlier against the scitha, a warlike race from across the universe. The ensuing conflict between City 5 and the edenic, magical kingdom of the Great Rift left feisty Caia Esvane with a fragmented society. Estranged surpreme ruler of City 5 Hedra Darke has now returned from the North to reclaim her city. She brings the mysterious People of White[1], 12 survivors from a race of giants and navigators to the Scitha.

To regain control and rebuild her empire, Hedra will do whatever it takes.

The city of Rax arrives

Whilst Hedra plots to regain her kingdom, a second city follows City 5 onto land. The inhabitants of Rax are no longer human. Having discovered the alien DNA woven into the fabric of their city, they have used it to adapt to oceanic life. Also, the city has been adapted for war. Unlike City 5, visible dissenters do not exist. This is a civilisation with one mind and one purpose, but the single mind is also their weakness. The people of Rax have never questioned or doubted.

Hedra Darke must find a way to revive City 5, but she has underestimated Caia Esvane and the power of Eco. As the cities begin their battle, Leah mind-joins with her mother and younger sister Asha to overcome Rax. Meanwhile, City 5 powers up and is stronger than ever.

Only when Hedra believes she’s finally won the battle for Eco, do the People of White reveal their true purpose.

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