Vampire Series Third Novel of Five – Invasion

Summary of Vampire Series Novel 3 – Invasion

In the 3rd episode of the sci fi vampire series Drakul, Angelov Drakul and his mother Angelica arrive on homeworld Vasudha to reclaim the throne.  Fei Chok, lover of slayer Finn Angmon, has also arrived on the planet Vasudha. With her is Saskia Drakul, daughter of Tepesch Drakul. It doesn’t take long for Finn to follow, and war soon follows.

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Fei Chok is tested

The human inhabitants of the Aayus canyon capture Fei and Saskia for body parts. They are about to die when villager Seth saves Fei. He has seen her tears and believes her to be human. He takes her to the caves at the foot of the cliffs where his tribe lives. There she meets the Jananii, witch-queen of the canyon people.

Within the cave network of the Aayus lives a strange society, able to survive the dangers of the canyon and the toxic Maru desert. The Jananii tests Fei by poisoning her with the blood of a giant scorpion. Fei is close to death when she sees the scorpion attacking children in one of the caves. She andgives up her life for them. It is a hallucination, but she passes the first test.

As dusk approaches, Fei faces her third challenge and instinctively chooses the same burrow. She is the hook bearer but has refused to wear the armour of the giant scorpion.  After a long battle the scorpion stings her, but Fei does not die. The villagers capture the scorpion and Fei is revered, as Saskia is taken to the caves. The witch-queen sees Fei’s wound and tells her she is the new Jananii. As the old woman dies, she reveals that she too has vampire blood.

Saskia Drakul’s fate

Angelov Drakul tortures Saskia for information about Finn. After, she is dropped into a scorpion pit  for food.

At the back of Angelov’s mind is a constant fear of Finn Angmon, although Earth is over sixty light years away. Angelov selects the best of his fighters, Aruna, and sends her on a mission to destroy Finn and bring back his mother.  With Aruna’s help, the bitter and deadly Angelica Drakul escapes and regains her strength, massacring anyone in her way.  Finn overcomes Aruna and makes her take him to where the portal waits, and together they follow Angelida to Vasudha.

Angelica meanwhile joins her son Angelov in an uneasy truce. They force the vampire priests to grow a new pyramidal star ship, larger and more terrible than any other and designed to attack Earth.

Finn Angmon searches for Fei

Finn finds his way to the caves where the followers of the Jananii live, where he finds Saskia Drakul. She is no longer vampire asks his forgiveness before taking him to see Fei Chok. Finally, they are together. Finn teaches craftsmen from the villages and caves how to build kilns and make swords, using the power of the mighty dusk-storms.

After, he takes Fei into the desert and summons the giant scorpions to carry them to war.


The army marches upon the pyramids where the vampyra live. There are thousands of men and women armed with longbow and katana. At their front are the mighty scorpions. Riding on the largest is Finn, transformed into the Vorkha werewolf.

After a titanic battle, Angelica must face Finn in the blue pyramid as it races earthwards, arriving over London. She flees and he chases her through the labyrinth until she falls to Earth and Finn follows. Meanwhile Saskia Drakul kills Angelov and the ship returns to Vasudha.

Back to London

The third novel in the Sci Fi vampire series ends in London, where Finn defeats Angelica but too weak from his injuries to escape. They are both imprisoned in the Carbon Institute and experimented on for many years. Finn remains in the Vorkha body whilst Angelica helps create a new form of genetics that will ultimately destroy human society.

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