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The Sci-Fi Fantasy Empire is the fourth in the Drakul series Ancient Empire, (preceded by Creation, Arisen and Invasion). It begins twenty-two years after the failed Vasudhan invasion of Earth. The sinister Carbon Institute is changing the world with its knowledge of vampire blood, and is on the brink of opening a portal to Vasudha in its quest for power.

Imprisoned, the werewolf who was once slayer Finn Angmon has not revealed its many secrets and orders have been given to destroy it. Civil Servant Harry Penn is determined to set his old friend Finn free. Psychopath Danni Hayes intends to eliminate the Vorkha and the entire team, including Harry and Jane Dancer, Harry’s boss and secret love.

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Enter the Zilon Queen

Throughout her life, an alien intelligence known only as ‘She’ has been in contact with Danni. The intelligence is in fact the Zilon Queen, reaching across the galaxy. She’s desperate that Danni should kill her ancient enemy the Vorkha. As Danni carries out the attack and many die, Harry helps the Vorkha escape and it activates the portal to Vasudha. A large section of the Carbon building is transported there and Harry, the Vorkha, Danni, the other occupants and the results of their experiments all go with it.

Finn Angmon is once more in human form. He remembers being in Vasudha over twenty years earlier and believes Fei may still be alive but first, he must lead the survivors to safety, and Vasudha is a dangerous place. Few will survive the journey in this brutal sci fi fantasy novel.

Return to Vasudha

Since the liberation of Vasudha from vampire rule, Fei Chok rules over an uneasy truce.  Fei and her people have not been idle as she senses impending doom.

Oisin, son of Fei and Finn is now a young man and the image of the father he never met. He seeks adventure in the Marubhuumi (a rocky wasteland) but instead discovers a terrible threat. The Zilon[1], greatest enemy of the Vampyra has tracked them down across the galaxy. Fei faces an impossible decision – release the vampyra and fight using the weaponry of the pyramids, or face the invaders with primitive weapons. Only a miracle can save her people from being caught in the middle of an impossible war.

Meanwhile, Oisin meets and is captivated by Wanda, daughter of the king of the Marubhuumi. The Yaayaavara are cannibals, trading prisoners with the invading Zilon in exchange for their liberty. Wanda is different, ordained to become the future Jananii of Vasudha. The time will come when Fei has to surrender her powers to Wanda and lose her immortality.

The Zilon take Oisin and Wanda prisoner, doomed to be fed to the Zilon young. They escape and explore the living ship before Oisin faces a fight to the death with a mighty Zilon gladiator. Finn summons an army of giant scorpions and rescues them. Oisin meets his father for the first time, but also learns his fate.  The Zilon ship vanishes, but the Zilon queen is furious and seeks revenge, leading to a final showdown with Finn Angmon.

War with the Zilon

Vasudha itself must help defeat the Zilon[2]. Finn prepares them for battle, but swords are not enough. The war involves all life on the planet as the ancient legends become true, and humans side with vampire.

In desperation, the vipra priests awaken Drakul (father of Vadhul Drakul, grandfather of Tepesch Drakul) and his buried star ship, but Drakul betrays them. The Zilon ship battles with the pyramidal starships.  During a titanic volcanic eruption, Finn and his giant scorpion Hercules are left alone to face the Zilon queen.  While they fight to the death, a tsunami is approaching.

Weaving through the dust of battle, agony and bloodshed of this sci fi fantasy are two personal stories as Finn seeks out Fei and meets his son. But when the young man sees Wanda, he has a different agenda that threatens to tear them apart. The story ends with the crowning of Oisin and Wanda as rulers of Vasudha, but Finn and Fei will return to Earth.

[1] The Zilon use the bodies of their prey to manufacture new life forms.

[2] The Zilon want the powers of Jalina, the Elemental keeping the heat of the Red Giant sun at bay.

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