Sequel to Emergence – first thoughts

I deliberately left a few story stubs I could build out on for the sequel to Emergence, the first novel in the trilogy ‘Where Giants Sleep‘, and am now spoiled for choice as to what happens next to the many and varied characters. In Emergence, a monstrous undersea authoritarian city, learns that the surface of the planet is once more safe to inhabit, albeit already inhabited by a relatively peaceful people imbued with magic. It’s a world of mysticism and the opposite of the city’s ruthless efficiency where lifespan is decided at birth, and a class system determines the destiny and purpose of each individual. The city, in short, is a mechanistic society reminiscent of ants, but it’s also crazy.  The build up to Emergence sees both societies pulled apart as they come to terms with having to share, and not surprisingly ends up with head-on conflict between the planet and the city. Not wanting to spoil anything for the avid reader, what happens in the sequel to Emergence, Second Dawn?

Emergence is just the start of the journey. The planet retains evidence of the original invasion that necessitated creating an undersea ark – crashed Machines, strange devices and ancient memories. There are strange races living in remote places – the People of White, with their worship of the Machines and intolerance of light. The people from the city experience disturbing memories when they emerge, as if they too have some connection to the previous invaders. There are also social conflicts to resolve – the different castes from the city reacting very differently to their new world, some wanting to learn new ways, others refusing even to leave the city, whilst some want the war to continue.

I’m spoiled for choice!  Watch this space….

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