Second Dragon Witch novel finished. Third underway

Second Dawn  ended up writing itself, which was great. But now the second dragon witch novel is completed, how does the trilogy end? How can witch queen Caia Esvane outwit the Scitha fleet, intent on reclaiming her planet for themselves?  The power of magic will not be enough this time, and she is not prepared to sacrifice the few remaining dragons. To do so would condemn the world to technology and greed, the way it was once before.

Leah Esvane, now twenty-three and as difficult as her mother Caia, wants new challenges. Her affair with one of the hated Centurions is not enough. But Leah is also the most gifted of the dragon witches, stronger even than her mother. Caia has to know how the first Scitha invasion was defeated, over seventeen thousand years ago. Leah is the only one capable of mind-joining across time. Her mission – to occupy the body of Leanne Ty, a fighter pilot in squadron leader John Mack’s team, sister to Simon, a scientist on the team developing the magnetic pulse. But when Leah makes the journey back across time, she finds that nothing was as she expected. To save the planet Eco, will she have to change the future and deny her own existence? This is the final dragon witch novel Ouroboros.

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