Second Dawn – Dragon Witch second novel is on the way

I began planning the dragon witch second novel after returning from holiday in the Spring. I’d spent some of the time raking over an entirely different synopsis, thinking whether I could work with more depth with a much smaller Canvas – the result of reading Calling Major Tom.

The decision was no – I had to continue with the Dragon Witch trilogy and there were so many ideas in my head, plus new central characters. The second dragon witch novel is ‘Second Dawn,’ already 30,000 words and going strong (slight delays caused by heatwave commuting and a medical op!). This time, three ex-‘waste disposal drones’ from City 5 (garbage men) are pitched into the centre of the novel, when socially ungifted Dil Crowne is taken during a raid and vanishes under the sea. Badly wounded, he is taken to a second undersea city. Rax has evolved in a very different direction from City 5, abandoning any attempt to preserve tradition. Instead, Rax is based on the marine ecosystem. The society is egalitarian, the creatures within adapted for an undersea existence. To Rax, the land is a threat.

Dil’s mates Octo and Hath escape from the Rift and seek sanctuary in the dangerous Outlands where they discover an impending war. Centurions, the lawkeepers from City 5 are re-arming with the city’s help, and are planning to invade the Rift for its resources.

And the People of White are finally heading south, cooling the climate as they come. They have decided it’s time to go home, and City 5 contains the secret.

A full synopsis of Second Dawn is available here and from the home page – do read it, suggestions welcome.

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