‘Where Giants Sleep’ – 3rd book Ouroboros Finished!

I was really pleased with the way that this third and final(?)episode of the Trilogy ‘Where Giants Sleep’ played out, with the distant past and the present coming together to build a new future (hence the name Ouroboros, which I have trouble spelling btw). It stretched me as a writer, which what I was seeking.

A good novel seems to write itself and I was swept along in the narrative, which gave the primary characters scope for development as they faced new challenges. Leah Esvane realised her true powers in travelling back in time to change history, but in a good way. The biggest surprise at the end was the revelation that Leah was pregnant, and we can expect her to give birth to another girl, or possibly the first ever warlock. But I was also sad to be leaving the planet Eco and the characters I’ve learned to love or tolerate, but that’s writing. I will wonder about the Esvane lineage and the future world. Hopefully no more undersea cities appear and they can resume their sustainable lives.

Followed by…

When I completed Ouroboros, it gave me time to revisit an earlier novel and to give it a complete makeover (Demon Tree). The rewrite also changed the focus and tightened up the storyline, with wise direction from John (Jarrold).

Rewriting an existing novel turned out to be a bigger endeavour than taking an empty page, but it needed doing. And now I have no excuses for not getting stuck into latest idea New Messiah, other than tinkering with this web site obviously.

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