Ouroboros – final novel in ‘Where Giants Sleep’

It is now fourteen years in the future and the second Scitha invasion finally approaches. This time, there seems to be no hope of survival for the nature-loving society of the Rift. Leah Esvane, now aged 21, is more gifted even than Caia. Also feisty and passionate, she is also very like her mother – with whom she agrees on nothing. Youngest daughter Asha is now the troubled teenager. Asha is also a fire-witch and jealous of her older sister.

In desperation, Caia asks Leah to mind-join with the Scitha fleet and search for a Navigator to help disable the primary weapon systems, to buy some time. Leah will be there in thought only, but her wyvern, Whiteflame, must destroy the Emperor Stone (primary weapon system).

The mission is a success, but Leah’s presence is detected by the Scitha Prime and Whiteflame is fatally injured. Leah returns to her body but cannot be awakened. Caia must go in search of her daughter. She follows Whiteflame’s trail to the world that lies beyond the Wyvern Seal, where Leah lingers between life and death. Caia persuades Leah to return to the living, but the death of her soul-mate leaves its mark.

The return of Hedra Darke

Hedra Darke, former supreme ruler of City 5, returns from the Outlands and finds it much changed. She discovers her daughter Electra still lives but has surrendered her sight and adopted the way of the feeler. The Feeler King has been sold into slavery. Hedra also discovers she is a grandmother. She tries to persuade her daughter Electra to re-arm City 5. Electra reluctantly agrees to allow Hedra back into her life, but demands that she first travels to Centuria to rescue Den Zobe, the father of Electra’s son Jacob.

Hedra makes the long journey across the Outlands to the centurion fortress as a powerful ice-storm arrives. There are many land-ships sheltering inside as the flag-ship of Centurion Commander Hol Xan arrives with a fresh consignment of slaves. Amongst them is Timor Rohan, the self-styled Feeler King. Hedra locates Hol Xan as he is about to rape and strangle a young slave from the rift. She leaves him blinded and dying. Hedra also rescues a female gladiator, Nivalus, who has been repeatedly tortured by Hol Xan.

She learns that Hol Xan possesses Essence, and has been keeping her alive. The Feeler King is appointed commander and forms a pact with Hedra before she returns by land-ship with Den Zobe, Nivalus and the Rift family that helped her. On the way back, Hedra witnesses the falling debris and remains of the Emperor Stone.

Caia knows of the location of the ancient Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapon that defeated the first invasion and left Scitha ships scattered across the Outlands. It is deep in the forest below the remains of the airbase – a secret shared by her teacher and mentor, Aris Dol. And if it was made from the same technology as City 5, then maybe it might still work, but the knowledge of how to activate it has been long forgotten. Caia decides the only way is for someone to return to the time of the original invasion, but even she does not have the power to do such a thing. Only Leah can make the journey.

As the conflict begins, Leah seeks a host 17,000 years in the past and mind-joins with fighter pilot Leanne Tai, effectively becoming her when Leanne should have died in a crash. Leah’s objective is to find the secret of the pulse weapon. Awakening within her host, Leah must come to terms with man-hungry Leanne Tai. And with the added complication of falling in love with John Mack.

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