Main Characters in the Drakul Vampire Series

Finn Angmon

Slayer Finn Angmon is one of the main characters of the Drakul series, and the result of an experiment.  Tepesch Drakul summoned ancient magic from the Outer Darkness, implanted in the unborn child of a slave girl.

The child Tepesch raised was different from his kind, and the vampire lord grew to fear it. The priests told him the child was eternal and within it dwelled the vorkha spirit, a werewolf-like creature of nightmares. Eventually, Tepesch gave the child away, reluctant to kill it.

The child became a giant with inhuman strength. Through the centuries he became the feared enemy of demonkind and vampyra alike. At that time, he took the name Finn Mongan. Many believed him to be the reincarnation of Irish legend Finn MacCumaill.  Others know Finn as Arthur or Artur, and his story appears in many legends.

Finn has experienced much of human history, but remains curiously humble and down to earth. He is straight-talking, intolerant of fools, ruthless and compassionate with a dry sense of humour. ‘Kicking arses’ is what Finn does best and he is master of all fighting styles.

Saskia Drakul, daughter of Tepesch, loved Finn when she existed as Sekhmet, the eye of Ra. They conceived a child during the crusades that was born and murdered by four comrades of Finn.

Centuries later, FInn met Fei Chok, shaolin and slayer and fell in love with her. During their turbulent relationship they conceived Oisin, destined to become king of Vasudha. Like his father, Oisin will become vorkha.

The Vorkha

One of the earliest races in our galaxy, the vorkha were older than the obyri (the winged form of vampire).  The Jananii witches created them and imbued them with white magic.  They were in opposition to the vampyra, to create balance in the universe.  All the Jananii revered the vorkha and it is no surprise that fei Chok fell in love with Finn when she first saw him. 

After the vampyra persecuted the vorkha, the Jananii hid their secret. Tepesch Drakul discovered the blueprint when he unwittingly summoned the vorkha spirit, and Finn Angmon was born. 

With the birth of Oisin, offspring of Jananii and Vorkha, and a new race began on Vasudha.  Oisin subsequently fell in love and married Wanda, the jananii’s successor to Fei, increasing the purity of the Vorkha strain.

The Zhong Kui – Finn’s sword

The Zhong Kui is the sword of Finn Angmon. It is Chokutō, straight-bladed Samurai. He made it at the legendary Kashima shrine many thousands of years ago and imbued it with white magic. The sword has a will of its own and can detect demonkind.

Finn uses his sword to bind the souls of four crusaders as punishment for the death of his demon son. He also used the sword to bring them back in the novel ‘CREATION’, for their atonement.

How Finn uses the Zhong Kui

Ten-uchi refers to an organised motion made by arms and wrist during a descending strike. As the sword swings downwards, the elbow joint extends at the last instant, popping the sword into place. This motion causes the swordsman’s grip to twist slightly and feels like wringing a towel. The blade impacts its target with sharp force, and is used to break initial resistance. Fluidly continuing along the motion, the arms follow through with the stroke, dragging the sword through its target.

Because the blade slices rather than chops, it is this “dragging” action that allows it to do maximum damage. The segments of the swing are hardly visible, if at all.

Nearly all styles of kenjutsu share the same five basic guard postures and Finn is the master of them all. They are; chūdan no kamae (middle posture). Jōdan no kamae (high posture). Gedan no kamae (low posture). Hassō no gamae (“shaped like number eight” posture), and waki no gamae (side posture).

Shaolin Fei Chok

Another of the main characters, Shaolin priests raised Fei after Tepesch Drakul devoured her parents. She devoted her life to killing vampyra, and ended up working for the Carbon Institute where she met Finn.

Tepesch Drakul has fascinated Fei since her childhood, and he eventually seduced her. She resisted the darkness with the help of the Jananii witches. They also told her she would become one.

Fei will eventually to travel to Vasudha, homeworld of the vampyra. There she becomes Jananii, witch-queen of the Aayus people and defender of Vasudha.

Fei is a complex character and difficult to read, able to draw on the collective wisdom of her sister-witches.  She yearns for a simple life where she can be with Finn, but cannot escape her past.  Blessed with great insight into others and always looking for the best, Fei is not forgiving.  As Jananii, she sees the many pathways of the future and this ability is a curse and a blessing.

The Drakuls

We only understand the recent history of the Drakuls from some 250,000 years ago when Vadhul severed links with the home world Vasudha.

The Drakul Family Tree (earlier dates are highly speculative)

Saskia Drakul

Saskia is the second daughter of Tepesch Drakul. Ancient Egyptians worshipped her as a goddess, and it was then that she first met Finn Angmon. Saskia produced a child with him, but it was murdered by his crusading knights. She swore vengeance upon them all despite her love for Finn. Saskia is different from her sister Angelica, able to think before acting, and followed the teachings of her father in order to live in the shadows.

When she travelled to the homeworld Vasudha, Saskia learned from Fei how to control the dark magic within her blood and chose to end her days as a human. She is there still. Saskia never ceased loving Finn Angmon. However he death of their child removed any compassion for humankind and she would kill without hesitation.

Saskia is immensely creative and a talented sculptress, holding several exhibitions around the world through the centuries.  Like her father, she has a deep love of the arts and has collected many priceless works. This is what she most misses.

Angelica Drakul

Angelica, oldest daughter of Tepesch Drakul was far from what her name suggests. She was proud, defiant, and angry at living in the shadows on Earth. Above all she was resentful that her father should have denied her the right to return to the home world Vasudha.

Stunningly beautiful in human form, Angelica was terrible to behold when transformed into Obyri, the winged form. She proved to be a merciless foe.

She was also partner to Lovell, her vampire lover for several centuries until his dismemberment by the Carbon Institute, as part of their scientific programmes.  After that, Angelica become obsessed with revenge and ensured that her victims died cruel deaths.

Tepesch Drakul

Tepesch is the son of Vadhul Drakul, born during one of the most turbulent episodes in the history of the planet Vasudha.

The birth of Tepesch fell during the first war between vampyra and the proto-Zilon, an early hive species that absorbs different races. During the war, Drakul I, father of Vadhul, sacrificed himself and thousands of his followers in order to eliminate the threat and in doing so, allowed Vadhul to take the throne.

Tepesch’s mother was high caste and unusually survived the birth of a male. Imolda was very beautiful and despite her sadistic nature, loved her son jealously and possessively. She and showed him surprising tenderness, protecting him from their enemies. When he was old enough, Tepesch learned from her that his real father was a vampire priest named Rul. Tepesch disobeyed her and sought out Rul, wanting to learn his ways. He persuaded his father to accept Rul as part of the royal household.


Rul took Tepesch into the desert and taught him the ways of Vasudha, but he also told the boy that he would one day rule a distant world and not to trust his father. He taught Tepesch about the Jananii, white witches of Vasudha. He also told Tepesch about the vorkha werewolf spirit.

Rul also showed Tepesch the mysteries of Vasudhan ecology and the beautiful creations of former civilisations, giving him a lifelong love of art and science when he came to Earth. Tepesch is thoughtful, far-sighted and wise, and unpredictable. He is able to forsee the many pathways of the future.

Vadhul Drakul

Vadhul was the only son of Drakul the First. He was sagaraah bhuuta (a vampyric sub-species, lit. demon of land and sea). He saw himself as inferior to obyri bhuuta, (lit. demon that walks and flies). Vadhul was a vampire king and at one point, ruler of two worlds. He had immense powers, able to bring down destruction by natural means and could also shape-shift.

When Vadhul first travelled to Earth he found a primitive world where the most intelligent life forms were little more than apes, but life abounded. Trade was established to send living food back to Vasudha using the torana gateways that linked all pyramids to one another.

Vadhul was renowned for his cruelty but he was also wise. He needed intelligent life to do his bidding and so the power of jiivaa was used to advance humankind, to increase its numbers and feed his people. The city of Nagarah was built on the North West coast of India (now below the gulf of Khambhat). There Vadhul raised Tepesch Drakul, but great enmity grew between them.

Angelov Drakul

Angelov was the son of Angelica Drakul and raised on Earth, taught to live amongst humans. Tepesch tried to instil in Angelov an acceptance of humankind and a love of science and technology. But his mother Angelica also ensured that he was proud of his heritage. Her stories gave him a longing to return home to Vasudha and to reject the dreams of Tepesch.

Angelov grew to fear his heritage and worried that he would one day become Sagaraah bhuuta.  He also knew that to become Sagaraah would mean a craving for power and a cruel hunger.  This was to be his fate.

When Angelov became king of Vasudha he was still a child in Earth terms, with the inexperience and cruelty of youth. In the short time that he ruled, he learned what it meant to be human. Maybe he could have been a great leader despite the madness inherited from his father. it was not to be – the will and influence of his mother and her hatred of humanity overwhelmed him.


Jalina is an Elemental Being, created before the universe began. She assumes the female form to communicate her thoughts. Jalina is the creator of the Vampyre race, fashioned in her own self-image. She also created the eternal life force that lives in their blood and bound them to her will.

When Tepesch buried the torana containing his father Vadhul and separated the Earth from the Homeland Vasudha, he also gave his descendents greater free will. However the pull of Jalina is strong and she has sought to bend them to her own will ever since.

Vasudha faces destruction. It is too close to a Red Giant and as the sun grows it will one day consume the planet. The vampire priests captured Jalina and bound her, forcing her to protect them from the ever-growing sun. They know that Jalina is treacherous, even prepared to sacrifice her own children to be free.


Like Jalina, Ajarah is an Elemental, existing before space and time in the Outer Darkness. Ajarah is the element of cold, and his forces are very different from Jalina’s creation. Those changed by Ajarah are creatures of ice and cold, and even their breath is deadly.

Ajarah assumes many forms and likes to seem non-threatening, appearing to dwellers of Earth as a travelling salesman in a crumpled suit, whereas on Jivaloka he chooses to be a harmless old man and he deceives many with his skills.

The elemental was captured and imprisoned deep below the surface of Jivaloka by the vampire priests of Vasudha, where he remained trapped below a mighty pyramidal starship or Yar, until released by Gifts (deformed jiivaa manufactured on Earth) in the novel ‘ARISEN’.

Ajarah experiences life vicariously, fulfilling his uncontrollable desires through those he corrupts. Ajarah can only be destroyed by another Elemental, but it is against their principles and their nature to do so.

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