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First novel of the 5-volume vampire series. Tepesch Drakul wants a future for his people and a male heir. The suave and charming billionaire co-founds the Carbon Institute with visionary Chaldean priest Seamus Crane. Tepesch then uses his immense wealth to blend human and vampire DNA. Tepesch’s dream is to regenerate his race through integration, taking the best from each. Finn Angmon has to stop him, but they both love the same woman. And she is equally dangerous.

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Angelica Drakul

This epic vampire novel commences with a series of brutal murders as wayward daughter and erotic emasculator Angelica Drakul clears up evidence. Realising his mistake, Crane recruits Finn Angmon, eternal slayer and arse-kicker to join the Institute. Enthusiastic but inexperienced investigator Sam King is also on the team. Shaolin Fei Chok is a central character, destined to become Finn’s lover and ruler of vampire homeworld Vasudha.

Finn summons the spirits of four comrades from the Crusades to help him. Banished to the outer darkness to atone for a terrible crime, they are Finn’s adopted son Galeal, Hain, Tibor and the cynical Cerin.

Finn Angmon and Fei Chok

The Nexus connects Fei, Drakul and Finn. This is an inescapable destiny. Controlled by an unknown power she does not understand, Fei allows herself to be seduced by Drakul, who she first encountered as a child. She travels to his castle in Hungary but uses her Shaolin training to hold the vampire forces in her blood at bay. There the Jananii visits Fei. The witch-queen of the planet Vasudha shows Fei her destiny as Fei learns how to retain her human spirit.

The answer lies in the past

Fei explores the castle until she discovers a secret room and finds a black box. It is a space-time portal. She travels back to the Crusades as Tepesch Drakul and his followers ride for Jerusalem. Fei encounters Tepesch Drakul’s son and kills him, taking his place on the ride. She learns they are in search of a vampire priest to commence Drakul’s long experiment.

In Jerusalem, Fei meets Finn Angmon and the Four, but she is vampire and he the slayer. Under duress, she tells the Four that Tepesch Drakul’s daughter Saskia is about to give birth. Fei does not know that Finn is the father. The Four seek revenge and when Fei returns to the present time, everything has changed…

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