Elf Child: An Urban Fantasy Thriller

Summary of Elf Child

The Napoleonic Wars are almost over when Rifleman Davey Smith finds an unusual baby in a magical cave below an abandoned chateau. He names the baby Zero because of the mark on its forehead, the source of an extraordinary energy. This Urban Fantasy thriller follows the life of the time-bending elf child as Zero discovers his true nature. His quest is to save the few survivors of his race from a serial killer Witch named Fendinn. Zero must track down five mystical Symbols hidden on five worlds to turn back time and save his race. But killing only increases Fendinn’s power as she pursues him.

the elf child is joined in his quest by intolerant and impulsive elf Jezebel Light (‘Moonie’). A hot-tempered tattooed dwarf named Capo is a constant challenge. Ex-con gun-toting Theodore Prism offers wisdom and weaponry. Knife-throwing fire-breather Loner has a secret. Zero looks upon bearded fortune teller Mrs Macadam as his mother, and she loves him like a son. Contortionist Prudence Love is a distraction to their enemies. And Police Sergeant Jacob Golightly wants revenge. This unlikely team must find a way to work together to survive as they jump into new worlds. They must cross history into the distant future and become different people. When Moonie dies in pursuit of the final Symbol, Zero learns the true meaning of love. The Elf Child is left with one choice – to defeat Fendinn and change history.

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About Elf Child Zero

Zero is a Vættir, a magical forest Elf Child from ancient times. Vaettir are feared and worshipped in remote parts of the world. Facing destruction, they dispersed the five Symbols of Power across parallel worlds – Earth, Terra, Rithmee, Catalph, and Fendinn’s own world, Darkal. Zero and his biological mother the Vættir Prime hid from Fendinn until discovered by Davey Smith.

Zero alone has the power to travel between worlds, using a magical ring to conceal him from Fendinn. He is unable to communicate easily, seeming innocent and naïve. He is also a mathematical genius with telekinetic powers, who must learn how to love.

About Fendinn

Fendinn is a ritualistic killer, carving an ‘X’ across the faces of her victims. She also removes their teeth and eyes to increase her strength. She craves eternal life in physical form, but can only achieve it by consuming the energy of the Symbols.

This fast-moving, mind-bending novel is about the coming of age of Elf Child Zero, the discovery of who he really is and of what he is capable. It is also about the meaning of love.

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