Dream Walker

When Worlds Collide

Artwork: 0fjd125gk87, Pixabay

Dream Walker is a unique supernatural thriller set against the backdrop of uranium mining in the USA. Native American spirits do battle with big industry to protect not only the environment, but the existence of all life. The narrative combines Native American beliefs about the dream walker with hard-nosed science to challenge our ideas about the universe.

Private investigator Hal dreams he visits a world called Luxus. There, he meets Eagle Feather, a long-dead Native American, who will become Hal’s teacher and guide, and this unlikely relationship will prepare Hal for the quest that lies ahead. Whereas Eagle Feather is able to subtly influence events using dreams, the Dream Walker can travel between different realities using a cosmic pathway known as the Dream-Tree. There’s one problem, though, Hal is going blind.

Ruthless corporate Tilaxi Mining Inc. has discovered the means to exploit the Dream-Tree, opening the way to Luxus. In doing so they have attracted the attention of Idril, a powerful spirit devoted to protecting the magical tree, even if it means destroying Earth itself. As Hal uncovers the truth he experiences strange visions. They contain clues to a global conspiracy involving the servants of Idril. Whilst Hal’s powers grow stronger and Idril pursues his revenge, the boundaries between dream and reality begin to fade.

The Power of Four

This ecological thriller is structured by five dreams as Hal learns who he really is, and each time is given clues to help him stop Idril. The centre of the dream-map is the Danube Tower in Vienna, which is where Earth is attached to the mystical Dream-Tree by an invisible stem that Eagle Feather calls a worldwalk. Idril intends to destroy the tower and all of the surrounding city, sending Earth into darkness.

The map below shows Hal’s five dreams. Angela and Hal piece the map together and realise that they are global positions. Each dream represents a real-life experience, and Hal becomes increasingly drawn into the world where he can see, before returning to darkness. The clues lead him inexorably to a shocking finale, where Hal is left with a terrible choice..

Dream Walker map
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