Hell Tree

New Horror Fantasy Novel

Artwork: Miss Orphelia, Pixabay

Society has been decimated during the Fall. Strange lights in the sky led to widespread madness across the Northern Hemisphere and the building of the Great Wall. Soon after grew the Hell Tree. It started as a forgotten seed in the London Natural History Museum. Now it dominates the ruined city, reaching upwards hundreds of feet to create a twilight world.

The Tree is endlessly inventive and it learns fast. It has started to create other entities from the living wood, including the disciples – thirty-foot high creatures that roam the surrounding forests – and a cunning and cruel homunculus named Darkness.

The Hell Tree is about to spore…

The sporing is now approaching and time is running out for life on Earth. Science has failed to stop the Tree. However, more ancient and earthly powers are awakening. Nature goddess Annan has been asleep since Celtic times, but the Hell Tree was not created by her, and she’s angry. When she awakens druidic mage Myrddin Wyllt and tells him what he must do, a sequence of events commences that changes everything.

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