Successful sculptress Kate Dawlish was young, talented and troubled. The blackout came out of nowhere and when she woke on the floor of her studio, Kate saw Tom for the first time and her world was forever changed.

Life seemed to begin for artist Tom Zander the moment Kate opened her eyes. The kiss of life he was giving her turned out to be the kiss of his life. As Tom gets to know Kate, he discovers secrets; why her father walked out on his family; why her mother holds Kate responsible. Why twin sister Angie hates her. There’s something else – something much darker.

The blackout hits again, two weeks before Kate’s wedding, when she’s driving Tom in her car. The ensuing crash is no accident – someone’s trying to kill her. When Kate awakens in hospital, there was no crash and there is no Tom. Instead, she’s been married to Mark Siegel for almost a year, living in the family home she hates with Angie.

In her search for Tom, Kate becomes increasingly desperate until she uncovers the truth about her father and begins to understand. Financier Mark is having an affair with Angie, and there’s a village not far from the house which shouldn’t exist, and a girl named Martha who believes her.

Kate discovers that Mark and Angie want to have her committed, until she escapes with Martha’s help and finally finds Tom. She takes him back to the house to confront her husband and sister, but the nightmare is just beginning for Kate…

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