I live in a Hampshire village with my wife Sarah, and we have three children, two horses and lots of family. The first novel commenced about 12 years ago, and I’ve managed to produce a new one each year, often on trains whilst commuting into London until recently.

I like to blend different themes – crime thriller, whodunnit, horror and fantasy. I try to hold a mirror to our world because I believe books help create a deeper awareness of our relationship with our precious planet. Or you can just read to escape.

I’m pleased to be with the John Jarrold Literary Agency. John has always always gives consistent and honest advice. Having got this far, I know there is much more to come. That’s what makes this exciting. I try to share some personal insights of the life of an aspiring writer in my blog. I try to find time to slot in short stories now and then as these are a tough challenge and help maintain focus. There’s a collection of them on the web site, good and bad.

The non-writing career

My career started as a university lecturer, focused on global ecology and with a PhD in environmental issues. This has remained both a passion and a central theme to my writing. I subsequently moved into consulting, progressing to leadership roles and with increasing focus on data and the power of the web. All useful stuff for fiction, too.


Writing also depends on a growing number of other people and organisations -read my acknowledgements.

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