“Extraordinary worlds and life-changing experiences”

Recent novels:

  • NEW – Emergence – an undersea city of post-apocalyptic survivors re-emerges in a stone-age world and science must come to terms with the power of ancient magic. Click here for a downloadable synopsis
  • Sky Pirates – a romance set in a mystical sea between life and death, inspired by a ship in a bottle

Also read:

  • An Urban Fantasy series of five novels concerning the Drakul Dynasty and their interplanetary struggle to restore their lost kingdom
  • Zero – A time-bending child and the ensuing quest to save the few survivors of his race from a serial killer Witch named Fendinn
  • Dreamwalker – an ancient evil is disturbed by uranium mining, leading to the threat of global catastrophe as dreams merge with reality.

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I am proud to be a client of the John Jarrold Literary Agency. Thank you for all your wise words and forbearance, John.

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