Welcome to the web site of John Marshall

Epic scifi/horror novels that cross space and time

The DRAKUL novels are centred on legendary demon slayer and lycanthrope Finn Angmon and his complex, often fatal relationships with the Drakul Dynasty. Drawing on the legends of Fionn mac Cumaill, the novels also pay tribute to Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula whilst mixing magic and science fiction in a unique blend. These are not tales of gelled-hair, teenage angst.  The Drakul characters are real, complex, brutal and loving. To survive, they must change and grow and sometimes, the innocent die.

The five novels, in the author’s own words: “reveal the true history and ecology of the vampire. Where they originated, their grand design, how they work and who they really are.”   John Jarrold, literary agent

This web site shares with you the secrets of Vasudha, homeworld of the vampire, their language and ecology.  You can also discover other novels by John Marshall, and read short stories.  A prolific writer, John is already working on the fifth and possibly final novel in the Drakul series.